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A Nidhi company is a non-banking Indian finance firm recognized under Section 406 of the Companies Act of 2013. Borrowing and lending money between members is their primary business. Benefit Funds, Mutual Benefit Funds, and Mutual Benefit Companies are other names. The Ministry of Corporate Affairs regulates them. In areas relating to their deposit acceptance activities, the Reserve Bank of India has the authority to issue directions to them. However, this acknowledges that these corporations solely deal with their shareholders. Nidhi is a firm that was formed to instill the habit of thrift and savings among its members and take deposits and lend to them solely for their mutual benefit.


Unitrust NIDHI Limited is a full-service financial firm. Unitrust Nidhi Limited, a part of the QuickStart24 Group, is one of India's top Mutual Nidhi companies. Unitrust Nidhi Limited touts itself as a "one-stop" financial services provider that meets various consumer requirements. It is approved by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs of the Indian government. Unitrsut Nidhi Limited offers a variety of products to individuals, families, and businesses, including loans, savings accounts, and deposit accounts.

 Unitrust Nidhi has the same regulations and aims as a bank. However, it is only in effect to someone (a members group) who has signed or joined this agreement, which functions similarly to a bank, but exclusively for the benefit of its members. So, if the word "quasi-bank" is used, They believe the regulations and aims are similar to those of a commercial bank, but this arrangement is only in effect for those (a members group) who agree/join it. If it's a bank, it's not one that's honored to do business with the general public.

Our approach to providing service to our members is far superior to others. We are constantly striving to improve it since our goal is to deliver the highest service to both individuals and our country. Unitrust Nidhi is continuously ensuring the society in which we live by providing world-class financial support; on the other hand, by generating all-new service methods spontaneously, Unitrsut Nidhi presents a pleasant way in which human beings can enjoy a comfortable existence. Unitrust Nidhi, in a nutshell, is the "New Way Of Your Savings."


Key Strengths:

  • Easy Membership

  • Minimal Risk and penalties on Non-payments

  • No interference from Outside

  • Perpetual succession

  • Return on Investments ranges from 9.5% p.a to 11% p.a

  • A specialized Financial Institution in various Sector

  • A dominant player with around 20% market share

  • A lean and professionally-managed organization

  • A consistently profit-making and dividend-paying company

  • Strong asset quality reflected in low NPAs

  • Lowest Administrative cost in the industry

  • Consultancy & Advisory services in strategic, financial, regulatory, and capacity-building skills under one umbrella