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Nirbhay Marg News Broadcasting Pvt Ltd
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Nirbhay Marg News Broadcast Private Limited is a Private Company incorporated as a Sister concern of QuickStart24 Group. It is a Non-govt company registered at the Registrar of Companies, Ahmedabad. Nirbhay Marg News makes video and audio. Reports on current incidents happening around the society and recommendations of videos and descriptions via What's app, Nirbhay Marg News channel. Ensure to take utmost care of personalization of news items as per the viewer's discretion and publish only the news items that are percent correct and up to date with expert insights of dedicated journalists if needed. We publish all the news videos and reports on our social media channels and customize them with the utmost security for viewers and reporters.

With the spotlight on video content, we can assist you in harnessing the power of video for public relations and marketing. We always plan all the news and report the video visually. We always make sure the first shot is eye-catching. We think closely about what will make our audience wait and see what happens next in your video to get a detailed report of trending things in society, rather than scrolling to see what's next in their feed on social media. A news story has to have a hook, our ultimate plan for our news items.

The daily news gives us about a minute (sometimes less) to tell the story we have been working on and researching for the whole day. A reporter's job is to shift through the details, highlight the most critical points, and share the story most compellingly and concisely possible. We make sure to do all this with utmost care.