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Some Key Features that Make your Mobile Wallet Smart & Secure

Some Key Features that Make your Mobile Wallet Smart & Secure
Admin     14 September 2022

A mobile digital wallet: What is it?

A digital wallet that contains credit card, debit card, and loyalty card information is called a mobile wallet. It can be accessed using an app downloaded on a smartphone or tablet.

When opposed to paying with cash or carrying around traditional credit cards, customers prefer mobile digital wallets to make in-store payments. Stores registered with mobile service providers accept payments made with mobile digital wallets.

The most widely used mobile digital wallets are Samsung Pay, Apple Pay, and Google Pay, Quickwallet. Mobile devices already have built-in digital wallets, or users can download them from app stores.

Knowledge of mobile digital wallets

Since the data in a mobile digital wallet is encrypted, thieves find it challenging to use it for nefarious purposes. Mobile digital wallets are tough to steal because they come with encrypted keys that might not provide any relevant information, in contrast to real credit and debit cards that can be stolen or copied.

Customers must enter their credit card information, reward card information, and coupon information once they have installed a mobile digital wallet on their mobile device. The data is then connected to a recognized personal identification format, like a key or a QR code that a smartphone can read.

The mobile app employs near-field communication (NFC) technology to communicate with other devices when a customer makes an in-store purchase. The NFC processes the payment at the payment terminal using a QR code, key, or another type of personal identification format. The user must tap or wave the NPC-enabled device over the merchant's point-of-service terminal to initiate the action.

Digital Wallet Types

The most common varieties of mobile wallets are as follows:

1. Unlock wallets

A bank may use an open digital wallet directly or via a third party. Available digital wallets enable users to use their mobile wallet funds to pay for purchases or withdraw cash deposits to their accounts. 

2. Shut wallets

Users with closed digital wallets can only use the funds to pay for purchases made with the specified merchant because they are linked to that particular retailer. The funds cannot be withdrawn in cash or used by users to pay for purchases made with other merchants or third-party service providers. Amazon Pay is a prime illustration of a closed digital wallet.

3. Open-ended digital wallets

As long as there is an agreement between the merchant and the mobile wallet provider, users using semi-closed mobile wallets can use the funds in their digital wallets to pay for transactions with numerous merchants. Users have the option of withdrawing money into a bank account. However, users cannot withdraw money in cash from semi-closed wallets.

Using a Mobile Digital Wallet

It is simple to set up and use your favorite mobile wallet once you've made your decision. Start by installing the mobile app on your smartphone, tablet, or other compatible devices from the app store. Launch the app after that, and enter the data you want to include in your digital wallet, such as credit cards, debit cards, coupons, reward cards, etc.


Although more than one card's information can be loaded into digital wallets, only one card will be used as the default payment method. Users must alter the default card before completing the transaction if they wish to use a different card.


Locate retailers that accept your preferred payment gateway before making an in-store purchase. Typically, a contactless payment indicator can be used to locate businesses that accept purchases through mobile wallets (usually a sideways Wi-Fi symbol).


Users must tap or wave their device near the NFC-enabled terminal to make a payment. Payment notification is provided to the merchant after it has been made. For the amount to be transferred from the customer's account to the merchant's account, the merchant must heed the message alert.

The advantages of mobile digital wallets

1. Protected access

Secured access is one advantage of a mobile digital wallet. The user must first unlock their mobile device with a password or fingerprint before proceeding with a transaction. To access the mobile wallet, customers can also use the face scan, fingerprint, or a passcode entered into the app.


Even if the mobile device is stolen, no one will be able to use it to make a payment without giving the necessary security information. As a result, mobile wallets are more secure than cash and traditional credit cards, which are more vulnerable to theft.

2. Accessible and practical

The instant accessibility and convenience of mobile digital wallets make it simpler for consumers to complete transactions. Consumers who want greater comfort while making in-store purchases prefer them over bringing actual digital wallets and cash with them. Users can use the money in their mobile wallet to pay bills and make purchases after adding their credit card information.


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