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Biggest Entertainment Trends in 2022

Biggest Entertainment Trends in 2022
Admin     28 June 2022

Media and entertainment with entertainment investment will shift swiftly in the coming year as it responds to pandemic-driven behavioral changes and current market trends and disruptions. Enlife Entertainment's 2022 M&E perspective examines five eye-catching developments that we believe will significantly influence the industry.

Catching the chance wave

The media and entertainment investment sector continued to change in 2021 as a result of technology advancement, changing generational attitudes, and the pandemic's lingering effects. People sought more media and entertainment investment at home during COVID-19 spikes, frequently bypassing more extensive in-person activities. Digital media engagement remained strong over the healthier summer, evidence that the pandemic has only accelerated preexisting trends toward the digital world.

The more extensive socioeconomic processes driving the contemporary era appear to combine with technology and magnify change as 2022 approaches. The demand to adopt corporate models to shift consumer behavior is increasing innovation and competition. Amid the turmoil that comes with periods of profound change like the one we're in, the media and entertainment investment sector, rooted in the business of imagination, is riding a wave of enormous potential.

     ● The media and entertainment investment outlook by Enlife Entertainment for this year look at five topics that we think will be most popular and draw the most interest:

● As KPIs move from subscriber counts to lifetime customer value and existing business models adapt to achieve greater profitability amid these changes, the streaming video industry will mature. 

● There will be more demand for live entertainment investment to advance and set itself apart from the living room rather than just luring people out of their virtual cocoons and the companies and venues that rely on it.

● The new generation of retail buying will be developed thanks to social media, humankind's most prominent digital aggregator.

● The rapid success of NFTs in making digital goods scarce and exclusive will lead to new types of client involvement and loyalty. They'll also encourage the development of new digital products, give artists more power, and help blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and the decentralized web achieves their lofty goals.

Each of these trends is bringing humankind closer to the metaverse (or metaverses), where people will spend more time in social, immersive digital environments that are connected to the actual world.

"The entertainment industry is home to some of the most morally upright, caring, and compassionate individuals who aspire to change the world for the better by sharing real-life, meaningful stories". -Ronald Wilson

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